The Mountain Challenge

This Christmas Holidays i had a chance to try skiing for the first time in my life!  Yes, I know, I'm from Russia, a lot of snow, haha, but I always preferred iceskating.   

There are few things more exiting than overcoming your fears!! In Austria apparently there are no green slopes,  only form blue to black, so everyone is supposed to start at intermediary-to-expert level, how great.  On top of that, we found no available classes so my boyfriend had to teach me.  Luckily, he's from Brazil where they are all expert skiers.  The first day was oh-so-terrible! Oh how much i cried, how many times i fell and I was sure that was it, something had broken.  I told myself that i'm never going to stand on skis again, and next day was looking for every reason to stay home. But something kept me going!  Somewhere, down deep, there was this adventurous side if me that pushed me forward; I wanted to go down the big mountain overlooking the village, at least once!  I started to be a little bit more confident every day, and on the 4th and last day it finally happened:  I took the (grown-up) lift to the top of the St. Anton Galzig mountain (not my baby one:).  There was no other way down if not by skis ....and I did it!  I actually managed to do a few very tuff descents, quite a few times. 

This was my mountainous victory. I felt no fear that day and i thought that i could anything! Imagine if we would make an objectives and challenge ourselves like this all the time, we can really do anything in this life!

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