Beautiful Istanbul

Walk in old Istiklal in the middle of local folk; take a ride on the historic red tram; order famous Turkish tea in a small tulip cup (supposed to keep the smell and taste of tea, seems to work!) Sit on the veranda of local cafe and feed street cats; Walk on Sultan Ahmet; Sit on the floor in the most beautiful mosques of Istanbul Sulaymaniyah, admiring the stained glass windows and infinite space inside; Visit the famous bazaars of Istanbul, look at the gold series in Kapali Carsisi, try nuts and sweets in the Egyptian Spice Bazaar.
This is amazing Istanbul. Of course, having your friends together always makes the trip extra fun:)

Photos by Alexander Seoev.

Blue Dream

I want to share with you some photos from our mini vacation on my Birthday. We went to Santa Catarina state in the Southern region of Brazil. These photos are from Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, city-island full of beautiful beaches.  The great thing about this place is that within a 30 min car ride you can go from an urban center to a deserted beach.  A lot of sports, a lot of healthy and beautiful people.  Must rent a car, and if you surf, take your board!;)

O Céu de Celeste

Hey guys, wanna share this video with you that i did for a Brazilian brand called Antix. It was my first experience with a stop motion movie and in this firm every picture is on the floor.   I couldn't imagine how difficult it is but it's definitely worth the suffering.  It was a very entertaining process and a pleasure to work with such a talented and creative team. So here's the result of two days of work.