Cards from Paris

I love to flip through trip photos, to go back to the vacation atmosphere, remembering the best moments with a smile on my face. 
Here are some moments from Paris i want to share with you.

Paris on my mind

A little bit more from this amazing city...

Woman in black

My beloved black, always plain and fancy., Love the contrast with this white church and an air of mistery.
Dress from Liquido/
Bathing Suit from Liquido/
Hat from H&M


 I can't get enough of these sunny brazilian winters with beautiful flowering trees.  Find a scenery to mach your color close, easy!
I was wearing:
Tshirt from TopShop/
Vest from Kira Plastinina/
Pants from Forever 21/
Bag from Zara

Color Splash

I decided to mitigate this cloudy cold weather with a set of bright pieces in the always colorful and fun Vila Madalena. It's one of my favorite neighborhood in Sao Paulo, full of many cool bars and happy (and slightly drunk:) people, especially now during the world cup. 

I was wearing:
Cap from Reserved/
Sweater from H&M/
Jacket from Fashion Society/
Pants from Forever 21/
Jeffrey Campbell  shoes