Carnaval - a show of smiles

It's a breath taken when you see this huge bright platforms. Seems like you moving with them.
Very touching 
Each platform has a theme, i love this Egyptian style 
Before or after the show you can meet people in costumes and take a picture
Everyone sings and support samba school

February was a very happy month for me indeed  It's Carnaval in Brazil. My mother and sister came to visit from Russia and on top of that i had a birthday and great party with friends! 
I started to celebrate my birthday at the sambadrome. It was really an amazing and memorable experience! There is a place where everybody is so happy. The drum music gets into your blood and  you just can't stop dancing! It's such a strong energy, that you don't even feel tired! 
It's one of the things that everyone should do at least once in life!  

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  1. Ухххх Дух захватывает!!! Невероятные по энергетике фото!!