Standalone collars

This season my must have is overhead collars.  Collars have become independent accessories last season and are in trend now. There are so many different types and varieties, but in general pointy collars give you a stern look and rounded ones bring an air of tenderness and kind of "good girl" look)
I decided to make ones myself, had a lot of fun during the process:)

 Here is the result. 
I needed two old shirts, that i got from my boyfriend, scissors, metal stickers for clothes decor and an iron.  
Just cut the collar from the shirt; even like this without any decoration it already look very stylish! 
I put metal stickers one by one around the collar and glued them with the iron.
And here is result:)
The same thing with this black collar, but here I used squared shapes instead.
You can use the new accessory with t-shirts, jumpers and dresses. It brings something fresh and interesting to almost every look!
Hope you liked it and got some ideas:)

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