Samba no pé!

Heeey guys! 
Today is officially the first day of Carnaval! As you might know it's huge here in Brazil; all samba schools prepare the whole year just for one you can imagine how intense the day is! About two weeks before carnaval all the main schools of samba have open rehearsals and everybody can come and watch and dance. They say that it's even better than in Carnaval since everyone is just as passionate but relaxed. For the first time i went to see one of the escolas de samba here in Sao Paulo, and i really loved it! The experience i had was just unforgettable; the energy they have is just amazing and the music enthralls you; it's impossible not to dance!  In Brazil the expression "samba no pé" means samba in the feet, as if your feet dance on their own and almost without control, that was certainly true with me! :)  It's actually really difficult to describe, you just have to come and see for yourself!
This campaign I made last year for touristic company in Brazil, goes quite well!:)

And below some pictures of the Brazilian carnaval: 

Here is an interesting makeup for  carnaval; its a work i did for a brazilian magazine Corpo a Corpo
with Celso Kamura, a renowned stylist here in Brazil.

Bom Carnaval pra tudo mundo!

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