Moda de praia #1

Hello beauties!  Hope you having great weekend! 
I spending my weekend out of town at my boyfriend's parents house. And finally i manage to catch some sun in the end of the day. It's been raining non stop the whole week and unusually cold for summer here! Staying in the city made me miss the sun and beach very much! And that's sound strange for Brazil)

I remembered the wonderful time we had in Bahia and decided to make a few posts about beach fashion. I hope sunny days wil come back here soon;)

Some tips about how to Dress for the Beach
It doesn't take much preparation to have a fun day at the beach, but one of the most important things to consider is how to dress. Because you'll be exposed to water and direct sunlight all day, you'll need to dress accordingly.
1. Do your hair up. A ponytail or bun looks nice and you get a good tan.
2. Bring a canvas bag instead of a fancy purse. They look good, and it wont mater as much if they get wet and dirty. Also depending on the beach in Brazil you don't want to leave a fancy bag behind while you are swimming! It may not be there when you come back.
3. Wear comfy shoes, that are easy to take on and off. Flip flops are good. Brazilian havaianas are the best, verified!
4. Don' forget a hat to protect your hair and eyes from the sun. And it's always look beautiful and complete your beach look. 
5. Bring along a change of clothes for the end of the day. You won't want to have to ride back home from the beach in wet bathing suit.
6. Bring a large shirt, ideally a long-sleeved shirt, to help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Even if you plan to spend a good deal of the time in the water, you should bring along a shirt to wear while you're on the beach. Dress in white instead of black to keep your clothes from absorbing heat while you're in the sun.

Bellow some photos from a beautiful day in Itaparica island in Bahia. 
I'm wearing pants that i bought in Liquido. Love this store, it's not very expensive and i always  find nice bikinis there. These pans are perfect for the beach. They're very light and with cut's on the sides; you can sunbathe without removing them;)

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