Classic French

Hello beauties!
Here are some tips about one of the techniques for a french manicure i want to share with you.
French manicure makes nails look elegant and classy. But there is always a problem to make it even.
This technique i saw in one of the salones here in Brazil. I was really surprised, but it's actually works! 
1. Prepare your nails and and apply a thin base coat

2. Put white polish on your thumb
3. Put your finger on the thumb and curve it until the polish is applied on your nail!   

4. Clean all excess
5. Put polish on top to cover. You can apply transparant polish, i prefer to make it whiter

And we are done! Very easy and fast!
Hope you liked it:)

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  1. Wow this so cool! Hard to believe its really work before I didnt try it!